Editorial Team

The editor for this journal will be Eduardo Rezende Melo. Eduardo Rezende Melo has been a Judge in Brazil since 1991, has a PhD in Human Rights (Faculty of Law, University of São Paulo, Brazil), Master’s degrees in Philosophy (Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo), and in Advanced Studies in Children´s Rights (University of Fribourg, Switzerland). He is the Editor-in-Chief of The Chronicle (IAYFJM´s Review), former Secretary General of the IAYFJM, former President of the Brazilian Association of Child Protection and Youth Magistrates. He is also the Coordinator for Children´s Rights Studies in the São Paulo State School for Magistrates and member of the Advisory Forum on Children´s Rights of the Brazilian National Council of Justice, which is presided by the President of Brazil´s Supreme Court.

The Editorial Board of The Chronicle is supporting this initiative and aiming to contribute, but we believe it will be important to enlarge it, including other members, especially professors and researchers in the area of children’s rights, as we have in our pedagogical committee, as well as other individuals from the justice system.

The members of the Editorial Board and collaborators today are:

Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Deanoska – Macedonia

Judge Andrew Becroft – New Zealand

Judge Gabriela Ureta – Chile

Prof. Dr. Jean Trépanier – Canada

Prof. Dr. Julia Sloth-Nielsen – South Africa

Judge Leonard Edwards – USA

Judge Madan Lokur – Supreme Court of India

Prof. Dr. Magdalena Arczewska – Poland

Prof. Dr. Mary Beloff – Argentina

Judge Nadira Patherya – India

Taghreed Jaber – Jordan – Penal Reform International

Judge Viviane Primeau – Canada

Dr. Cyril Laucci – (Université Aix-Marseille) Regional Legal Adviser for Central Europe, International Committee of Red Cross, Budapest
Ken Lewis, PhD, Director Child Custody Evaluation    Services of Philadelphia, Inc.

Reine Reine Adelaide Sophie Alapini-Gansou Judge International Criminal Court (Benin)

Judge Solomy Balungi Bossa – International Criminal Court (Uganda)